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Every child deserves to grow up healthy and safe

At McLane Children’s, we are dedicated every day to helping your kids grow up healthy and thrive in everything they do. This means that keeping children healthy and safe is a priority we share with your family.

We are also focused on community wellness, because we are all part of a larger world outside of our families. That is why we are reaching out through local schools and the communities of Central Texas to help more families discover ways to keep their children well:

  • Best ways to avoid injuries
  • Ways to manage stress
  • Healthy choices as a lifetime habit
  • Sports safety tips
  • Poison control precautions

We take a holistic approach

Here are just some of the programs we offer:

  • Impact Concussion Screenings—The new Concussion Center at Scott & White-Round Rock offers ImPACT testing to help local athletes assess their risk and get medical treatment for concussions.
  • Injury Prevention Program—Accidents and illness happen, but they don’t always need to be part of growing up. The more you know about helping your child avoid injury, the better your chance of preventing problems. From extreme weather precautions to driving, biking, and shopping safety, check our injury prevention tips for keeping your child healthy and safe.
  • Safe Babies—Special information is given out to help new parents handle crying infants.
  • Safe Kids Mid-Texas—This locally formed coalition is dedicated to preventing childhood injury by helping raise awareness of problems and intervening on behalf of our kids.
  • Child Passenger Safety Center—This is a one-stop place for finding out all you need to know about protecting your child in the car.
  • Child Abuse Support Center—This center is dedicated to supporting families and helping stop child neglect and abuse in Central Texas through prevention and education.
  • Poison Control—The Central Texas Poison Center (CTPC), located at Scott & White Hospital, is a 24-hour poison emergency treatment and information resource for healthcare professionals and the public in Central Texas.
  • Child Life Program—We take a holistic approach to treating your child. The Child Life Program integrates everyday aspects of the child’s life into his or her hospital stay. This includes everything from enjoying playtime and birthday or holiday celebrations to learning about medical equipment and stress management techniques. Read more about the Child Life Program and how it can help your child better handle his or her hospital experience.
  • Child Life Services—Your child and family can often need support before, during, and after a hospital stay. We have the people and programs to prepare your child for surgery, help your child keep up with schoolwork while in the hospital, and ease your child’s transition back into school following treatment. Read more about the Child Life Services available to you.

In addition, community outreach classes and events are conducted to provide educational materials and promote injury prevention and safety. Statistical data are shared to educate community leaders and impact legislation. Informational resources, including pamphlets, videos, brochures, and presentations are available.

Please contact Injury Prevention at 254-724-8202 for more information.