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Preparing your child for surgery

The Bud E. Bear Pre-Operative Education Program helps prepare children for an upcoming day surgery.

McLane Children’s recommends that patients and parents and guardians participate in a pre-operative preparation program before a surgery or procedure. Research has shown that children who participate in the preparation program tend to have a more positive experience.

Benefits of Bud E. Bear

  • Helps you and your child understand what to expect the day of the surgery/procedure.
  • Helps your child know what his/her job is on the day of surgery/procedure.
  • Helps your child feel more in control of his/her experience.
  • Helps you know how to answer his/her questions in the most appropriate way.

Bud E. Bear Schedule

Appointments to learn more about the Bud E. Bear program are available Monday - Friday afternoons for ages 3 and up.  To schedule an appointment, call 254-935-4161 or email

Where to Report for Bud E. Bear

All patients will report to the concierge desk in the main lobby of McLane Children’s Hospital. Please arrive. All adults going on the tour must bring a current photo ID.

Bud E. Bear Video

It is recommended that you and your child watch the online video at the top of this page prior to your Bud E. Bear appointment.

For more information, call the Child Life Department at 254-935-4161 or email us at

More Surgery Information

You can also learn more about your child's upcoming procedure through our Emmi Solutions program.