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Why should my child seek care at Scott & White?

At McLane Children’s Hospital, we take a dedicated, team-oriented, and family-centered approach to ensure that your child’s physical therapy needs are met in an environment that is respectful and compassionate toward your child and your family. Substantial resources, including tools to cope with short- or long-term physical impairment, are available to help your child. Physical therapists are part of the comprehensive healthcare team.

McLane Children’s Hospital is the area’s only acute care pediatric hospital between Dallas and Austin. An experienced team of physicians, residents, nurses, therapists, and technicians cares for young patients in an effective and reassuring way. Pediatric specialty outpatient clinics and McLane Children’s serve children in a family-centered care environment, with expertise and resources dedicated to young patients.

Children who need physical therapy expertise benefit from the integrated care offered at McLane Children’s. Through our network of physicians and the electronic medical records system available at all Scott & White locations across Central Texas, we are able to offer continuity of care throughout their lives—from childhood to adulthood. Our physical therapists collaborate with pediatric physicians and specialists to ensure your child receives the best care possible.

How can I get my child in to see a pediatric physical therapist?

A physician referral is required for physical therapy evaluation and treatment.

If your child is a Scott & White Health Plan patient, your pediatrician will refer you to a pediatric physical therapist if he or she suspects your child has an issue with performance of daily activities.

You will likely need a referral before you see a pediatric physical therapist. You should contact your insurance company to learn about your child’s coverage. Your insurance company may require therapy services to be authorized.