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What makes pediatric audiology at Scott & White special?

At McLane Children’s Scott & White, we take a dedicated family-centered care approach to ensure your child’s hearing and balance needs are met in an environment that is respectful and compassionate toward your child.

Substantial resources—including tools to help your child cope with implantation of hearing devices or hearing loss—are available to help your child as he or she adjusts to life with hearing or balance issues over the short or long term.

How can I get my child in to see a pediatric audiologist?

Call the department directly at 254-724-2006 to set up an appointment.

If your child is a Scott & White Health Plan patient, your pediatrician will refer you to a pediatric audiologist or otolaryngologist if he or she suspects your child has a hearing or balance disorder.

You will likely need a referral before you see a pediatric audiologist. You should contact your insurance company to learn about your child’s coverage.