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Rotationplasty for Pediatric Sarcoma

A serious complication of pediatric sarcoma is the loss of a limb. At the Roney Bone and Joint Institute at Scott & White, our top-flight orthopedic surgeons offer an ultra-modern treatment option for improving functionality after amputation.

We’re one of the few orthopedic centers in the nation to offer rotationplasty.


Rotationplasty is a complex surgical procedure where:

  • A portion of a limb is surgically removed
  • A section of the remaining limb is rotated 180 degrees and reattached

For example, in a lower leg rotationplasty, the lower part of the leg would be removed, turned and reattached backwards onto the upper leg, so that the foot points backwards and the foot becomes the knee.

Benefits of Rotationplasty

There are many benefits of this unique procedure over straight amputation:

  • Functioning joint at knee
  • Greater participation in sports and other activities
  • Fewer lifelong limitations
  • Better quality of life
  • Less follow-up time spent in hospitals