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How can I get my child in to see a pediatric neurosurgeon?

Pediatric neurosurgeons at McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White collaborate closely with your child’s entire care team, including pediatric neurology and your child’s primary care physician or pediatrician. A family-centered approach is the cornerstone of our care, ensuring that each child’s, parent’s, and sibling’s needs are met during the course of a patient’s care.

If your primary care physician, pediatrician, or pediatric neurologist believes your child may need to see a pediatric neurosurgeon, call 254-724-2218 to set up an appointment.

If your child is a Scott & White Health Plan patient, you will be referred to a pediatric neurosurgeon if one of your child’s physicians believes a visit is necessary.

Some health plans may require a referral prior to seeing a pediatric neurosurgeon. You should contact your insurance company to learn about your child’s coverage.