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What is pediatric anesthesiology?

Because children are not small adults, they have very specific healthcare needs. This is especially true in the medical specialty called pediatric anesthesiology.

When your child undergoes surgery, he or she will need the expertise of experienced board-certified specialists called pediatric anesthesiologists. These specialists at McLane Children’s Hospital  Scott & White are trained in the safe delivery and management of medications that put your child to sleep temporarily and help manage his or her discomfort during recovery. Working alongside your child’s surgeon, a pediatric anesthesiologist is uniquely prepared to care for your child—whether it is a routine surgery like a tonsillectomy or an advanced procedure such as tumor removal.

What if my child needs to have surgery at Scott & White?

If your child is scheduled for surgery at Scott & White, multiple providers will be involved in planning your child’s care. It is essential that they work together and keep you informed about what will be happening during the preoperative, operative, and recovery phases of your child’s surgery.

The McLane Children’s Hospital surgical team works closely with the pediatric anesthesiologists. As the team plans your child’s care, one anesthesiologist will be assigned to your child. You will meet your child’s anesthesiologist on the day of surgery or earlier. Your child will be monitored during and after the operation until discharge to an inpatient floor at McLane Children’s or discharge to home if it is a day surgery.

Learn more about preparing your child for an upcoming surgery through the Bud E. Bear Pre-Operative Education Program and the Emmi Solutions program, which takes you through your surgery, step by step.

When is anesthesia needed?

Pediatric anesthesiology is used for most surgical procedures:

  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Traditional procedures
  • Some dental procedures

Pediatric-sized equipment and dosages are carefully calibrated by pediatric anesthesiologist experts. They are skilled in the delivery and management of medications to ensure your child is properly anesthetized during the operation and comfortable afterwards.