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In an Instant: Flash CT Scanner

Scott & White Healthcare continues to lead the way in acquisition of technology to help patients.

Thanks to a $2 million donation from the King's Daughters Foundation, McLane Children's Hospital Scott & White acquired the Siemens Somaton High Definition Flash CT system. Scott & White is the third healthcare provider in the United States to offer the advanced Flash CT scanner to its young patients.

The Flash CT system produces images at more than twice the speed of other imaging equipment. Older devices could take five to 10 seconds to perform a chest exam. Now, we can scan the entire torso in under a second!

This is great news for children and anxious parents. The imaging technology is extremely beneficial for patients, especially younger children who don't understand the procedure and often are unable to hold still for even 10 seconds. With standard CT scanners they would also need to be immobilized or sedated. The Flash CT eliminates those concerns.

The technology uses state-of-the-art reconstruction methods to produce three-dimensional images, and produces the required images faster, while reducing the amount of radiation absorbed by the body. These improvements make CT procedures for pediatric patients of all ages that much safer.

Less Radiation

The Flash CT requires only one-eighth the dose of the radiation used by standard scanners. In addition, the technology protects the most radiation-sensitive regions of the body, reducing radiation exposure by up to 40 percent without loss of image quality. Radiation dosage is a particular concern in pediatrics, because children are still growing, their organs are more sensitive to long-term effects of radiation. Anything we can do to minimize the time of the scan and the radiation dose are huge advantages.

When working with children, we strive to be sensitive to their age-appropriate needs. It's about the ability to image as gently as possible, and this piece of equipment allows us to do that in a way we've been unable to do before.

The Flash CT device's sophisticated software allows for optimal imaging. It actually gives physicians great images that would have looked grainier in a prior generation of CT scanner.

The King's Daughters Foundation gift has made all the difference. "Without philanthropy, bringing this type of technology to benefit children would be more difficult because it requires a large investment. It's fantastic to know that level of giving is within the community," says Mr. Davis. “It serves as testimony to the collaborative efforts among Mclane Children's Hospital, Scott & White Hospital - Temple, Scott & White radiology leadership, a community foundation, and Siemens to bring this all together."