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What makes pediatric nephrology at McLane Children's special?

At McLane Children's Scott & White, our family-centered care approach combines medical and surgical expertise with compassion and education for patients and families. We believe a child-friendly environment is essential to help us care for each patient. We have many educational, social, and spiritual resources to help families cope with a sick child.

Our pediatric nephrology team combines research and medical education to provide your child with the highest quality kidney care. As a patient here, your child may be able to participate in one of our ongoing​ research projects that may improve health outcomes for kids with kidney disorders at McLane Children's Scott & White and around the country.

We provide comprehensive coverage for a variety of diagnostic evaluations, including microscopic analysis of the urine sediment and kidney biopsy. For patients with a sudden loss of their kidney function, we offer acute dialysis.

We also perform 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) in the evaluation of elevated blood pressure. This unique device measures and records blood pressure during the normal, everyday activity of a child. The results help the doctor determine if a child has hypertension versus anxiety resulting in an elevated blood pressure when measuring blood pressure in the doctor’s office.

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