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What makes neonatal intensive care at Scott & White special?

In the McLane Children's NICU, we offer your infant and family unparalleled care. Our neonatologists often work with obstetricians and maternal-fetal medicine specialists before babies are even born to provide a multidisciplinary approach for high-risk mothers and babies. We work to create an atmosphere comfortable for families.​

Unique treatments and services

The McLane Children's NICU offers treatments and services others may not be able to provide:

  • NICU transport—Infants who need our care are not always born in Scott & White hospitals. At least twice a week, our transport team brings fragile infants to the McLane Children's NICU, located Scott & White Hospital, by helicopter and ambulance. A neonatal nurse, respiratory therapist, and support staff from Scott & White meet the infants at the hospital where they were born or received initial care and monitor them minute by minute until they reach Scott & White via neonatal transport. We offer transport with special respirators that can breathe for an infant several hundred times per minute, with special gases to help newborns increase their oxygen levels. Transport staff communicate with physicians in Temple to plan what services will be needed as soon as our newest patient arrives.
  • Cool Cap™ system—Scott & White was the first Texas hospital to use the Cool Cap™ system to help reduce the chance of brain damage when a baby is deprived of sufficient oxygen during birth.
  • Family counseling—Many new parents seek advice in caring for their newborn. Families with infants in the NICU have a special set of concerns. Our nurses, lactation specialists, and social workers will help answer your questions about your child’s physical health and care strategies when it is time for your child to go home.
  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)—This heart-lung bypass allows critically ill newborns with heart and lung problems time to heal.

Research and education

McLane Children's Scott & White neonatologists have been involved in developing leading-edge research to treat our smallest patients, including evaluating new drugs to stop seizures in newborns and helping diagnose and treat infections in newborns.

A national society for education, the Osler Institute, retains one of our neonatologists to prepare pediatricians for their board exams.