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What is a pediatric hospitalist?

Pediatric hospitalists—also called inpatient pediatric specialists—are doctors who specifically take care of children while they are in the hospital. They care for children with a wide variety of conditions and often coordinate treatment programs with a child’s primary care doctor and other medical and surgical specialists.

A pediatric hospitalist is experienced in caring for children after surgery. Hospitalists are dedicated to providing care in the hospital and are always available. The hospitalist and pediatric rapid response teams will respond in the event of an emergency. They communicate with your child’s medical and surgical specialists if his or her health status changes while he or she is in the hospital.

What kinds of conditions do pediatric hospitalists treat?

Pediatric hospitalists treat a variety of conditions. They follow up on specialty treatment plans and monitor patients while they are in the hospital.

Our inpatient pediatric team will make sure your child is healing appropriately and has not developed any new conditions that might affect his or her treatment.

  • Inpatient emergencies—If a child has a medical emergency while in the hospital, the parents, as well as nurses, can call the pediatric rapid response team. Your child will immediately receive the medical treatment he or she needs.
  • Continuous medical attention—Hospitalists are charged with monitoring our pediatric patients while they are in the hospital and coordinating their daily care, including intravenous fluids, follow-up tests after treatment, and maintenance medications.
  • Procedures—Hospitalists are trained to perform procedures that may be needed for your child’s medical care. These procedures include sedation, chest tube placement, abscess drainage, and use of special types of IVs.
  • Communication—If your child is in the hospital for a particular condition or illness, our hospitalists will update your child’s primary care doctor and specialists about his or her condition. As a team, we will help make decisions about your child’s condition and adjust treatment to best suit his or her needs.

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