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What types of services does the forensic medical team offer?

The forensic medical team offers comprehensive medical care that includes:

  • Mental health support and spiritual counseling.
  • A compassionate environment.
  • A team of experienced medical specialists, caregivers, and support services.

Prevention and education programs are also available and include the following:

  • Coalitions with SafeBabies Mid-Texas to prevent shaken baby syndrome
  • Prevention educational programs and resource assistance on child abuse, neglect, and violence in the home
  • Prevention educational programs on appropriate touching geared toward younger children

Our department works with law enforcement in different areas to help gather information about the medical aspects of crimes committed against patients:

  • Child abuse—Our team examines children who have been victims or are potential victims of child abuse. The evidence they gather can help law enforcement determine if a crime was committed against a child and how that matter should be handled within the court system. Physicians may also testify as expert witnesses about child abuse injuries during court cases.
  • Sexual Assault Program—Scott & White’s Sexual Assault Program is well respected throughout the Central Texas community. In a compassionate, caring environment, our team examines children who have been victims of assault. We work closely with law enforcement officers and provide court testimony when needed.
  • Crime prevention—Our forensics team visits communities and schools throughout Central Texas to educate children and adults about child abuse and assault prevention.

We also work closely with the Department of Family and Protective Services, Families in Crisis, and the Children’s Advocacy Center.