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What is forensic medicine?

The McLane Children's Scott & White Pediatric Forensic Medicine Department provides medical, emotional, and legal support for childhood victims of crimes, including sexual assault.

Our forensic medicine team works with the legal system to establish medical facts about a crime or event that are needed in a criminal or civil case. The forensic team is specially trained to identify medical evidence to help law enforcement better establish what happened in a crime and help identify evidence. Our experts provide support when these events involve children. Most importantly, these experts provide appropriate medical care for your child, with compassion and emotional support.

McLane Children's Scott & White has a Child Abuse Support Center to help children who are victims of neglect or abuse as they and their families heal from the devastating experience of a child criminal or sexual assault.

The team members, who are pediatricians, psychologists, adolescent gynecologists, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs), social workers, pastoral care staff, Child Life specialists, and other pediatric-focused caregivers, work together to treat your child.

Why would my child need to see a forensic medicine specialist?

If your child has been the victim of a crime, our pediatric forensic team will physically examine him or her and gather evidence in a safe medical environment.

These specialists are often called to speak with and examine children who are involved in child abuse cases. Our doctors can evaluate whether children with chronic diseases or severe disabilities are cared for appropriately.

Your child may also encounter our pediatric medical forensic team through community outreach, as we work to educate schools and other civic groups about prevention of child abuse and available resources.

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