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What is adolescent medicine?

Adolescent medicine focuses on the unique issues that affect adolescents, typically between the ages of 10 and 21. Adolescence can be a tough time in a young person’s life as he or she moves into the world of adulthood. Some adolescents struggle more than others with the physical, emotional, and social changes ahead of them.

Our pediatric specialist in adolescent medicine is board certified and is here to help. At McLane Children’s, we help young adults adjust to these changes and medical conditions that can occur at the same time as puberty. The department works collaboratively with other pediatric specialists—including gynecology and developmental pediatrics—as well as support services professionals, including a dedicated social worker.

What does an adolescent medicine specialist treat?

Our goal is to determine if your teen is meeting his or her emotional and physical milestones to ensure he or she has the tools to complete a healthy transition into adulthood.

Services include:

  • Reproductive health—As young adults reach sexual maturity, some conditions, like irregular menstruation, become apparent. Our adolescent medicine specialist can also screen and treat sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Abstinence and sex education—Scott & White’s adolescent medicine specialist can provide your teen with information about sexual activity, abstinence, and contraception. Our physicians are closely involved in the Wellness & Sexual Health program.
  • Mental and emotional screening and counseling—Along with sexual maturity, adolescence can also bring a spectrum of emotional and psychosocial medical issues that should be addressed promptly so teens can get back on their normal developmental path.
  • Teen parenting programs—Teen parents face the additional challenge of raising their own children while going through adolescence themselves. Scott & White offers parenting programs and specific counseling for these patients.
  • Health maintenance—Age-appropriate screenings and sports physicals are offered.
  • Puberty-related issues—Acne and hormone issues may affect your child.
  • Behavior issues—These include moodiness, conflict, risky behavior, and weight-related issues that may have an emotional component.

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