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What is the Community General Pediatrics Division?

Our Community General Pediatrics Division is the hub of patient care at McLane Children’s Scott & White. Our pediatricians manage children’s overall health and are the first doctors whom patients see when they are ill. They are the “medical home” for your child because they are the physicians your child will see most often, providing checkups and immunizations and monitoring your child’s growth and development.

Pediatricians specialize in the general care of children, from head to toe and from birth through high school graduation. Our doctors are trained in the specific conditions, diseases, and disorders that affect children, and they are dedicated to helping all the kids of Central Texas thrive.

There is an emphasis on continuity of care with your primary pediatrician at Scott & White. That should provide higher quality and more personalized care. However, McLane Children’s can also provide comprehensive care. Thus, your pediatrician has the backup of all of our subspecialists and will help to coordinate that care with the entire medical team, as needed.

What are some of the services and treatments pediatricians provide?

Our pediatricians see all children from birth to age 18 with many specific needs. Here are a few of the services we provide:

  • Well-child checkups—During their growth and development, children should have scheduled checkups each year. Infants should see their pediatrician more often. During these appointments, your pediatrician will assess your child’s health and address any concerns you might have.
  • Immunizations—Your child will get scheduled vaccines at appointments with your pediatrician. These immunizations are safe and effective, and they have saved literally millions of lives throughout the world over the past half-century. It is an important aspect of preventive healthcare that is at the center of ensuring your child can thrive and achieve his or her dreams. Call your pediatrician today to schedule your child's immunizations at 254-724-KIDS (5437).

Immunization Schedule—Birth to 6 Years
Immunization Schedule—7 to 18 Years
Immunization Schedule—Catchup

  • Acute care—Our pediatricians evaluate and treat all illnesses in infants, children, and adolescents. They treat most minor injuries, lacerations, fractures, abscesses, rashes, and warts. Any injuries or emergencies outside of their usual scope of practice are referred quickly to our emergency services, surgeons, hospitalists, or other subspecialists. Our pediatricians also work in collaboration with other pediatric medical specialists to treat urgent problems that arise in children with chronic conditions, such as asthma and diabetes.
  • Growth and behavior assessment—Our general pediatricians are specialists who understand growth and development. They can assess your child’s well-being at regular checkups and address any abnormal conditions found. They are also a useful “front line” of care to assess school, behavior, and mental health issues. They can help you access the appropriate care needed.

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