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What conditions does the pediatric emergency department treat?

The Children's Hospital Emergency Department is equipped to treat a range of conditions, from minor sprains and strains to major trauma. A forensics program is housed within the department, and pediatric trauma surgeons, and anesthesiologists are available for immediate consult.

Bring your child to the closest emergency department if he or she:
  • Has experienced a traumatic injury.
  • Has lacerations, deep cuts, or wounds.
  • Is having trouble breathing.
  • Is bleeding uncontrollably.
  • Has an infection that gets worse.
  • Cannot tolerate fluids or medications.
  • Demonstrates a change in behavior, especially sleeping much more than normal and not being interested in waking to eat or drink.
  • Cannot urinate.
  • Is disinterested in activities, such as playing with peers.
  • Is referred to an emergency department by Poison Control or a patient advisory nurse.

What is the role of the Children's Hospital in preventing trauma?

Pediatric trauma is the leading cause of death and disability of children under age 15, taking more lives than all major illnesses combined.

At the Children's Hospital, injury prevention is an important aspect of our pediatric trauma care. Safe Kids Mid-Texas, formed under the leadership of the Scott & White Trauma Center Injury Prevention Program, provides child prevention safety education on topics such as:

  • Child passenger seat safety
  • Bicycle safety
  • Playground safety
  • Extreme heat safety
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