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Landon Orsag: Fourteen weeks early, but he had a fighting chance

Holly Orsag did everything she could to prepare for a healthy delivery of her baby boy in 2007. When Landon arrived, however, he was 14 weeks early and weighed just 30 ounces.

It was critical that he be immediately transferred from the hospital where he was born, and put in the expert care of the pediatric specialists at the Children’s Hospital at Scott & White. Time was of the essence as very shortly after his birth, Landon had developed life-threatening pulmonary emphysema, due to his undeveloped lungs.

The neonatal transport team from Scott & White arrived via helicopter and sprung into action. They delivered life-saving respiratory breaths from equipment inside the chopper, specifically outfitted with a temperature-controlled airborne incubator, or isolette. The helicopter also offered a high-frequency ventilator that pumped air into the newborn’s tiny lungs, giving him a fighting chance.

Soon the team and Landon were on their way to the Children’s Hospital, and Landon would begin a three-month stay in the neonatal intensive care unit.

A tremendous gift

Landon is alive today because of the generosity of McLane Company, who donated the funds to purchase the neonatal transport equipment. He was the first child to benefit from it—now, four years later, hundreds of lives have been saved, and Landon’s cautionary tale has evolved from one of medical helicopters and emergency treatment to a classic story of childhood: today, he is a boy who loves baseball and playing outside with his tractors. A child who is walking and talking, just a normal little boy.

For the Orsags, the combination of pediatric experts and advanced technology helped make a miracle happen.

As Mrs. Orsag says, "When you see all the technology to help your child, it’s just unreal. But technology saves lives, and Landon is a living, breathing fact of that."

You can help make miracles happen

Scott & White is grateful to the McLane Company, which has taken a strong lead in ensuring the most fragile patients get the very best care. The McLane Company NICU at Scott & White ranks among the top 3 percent nationwide for survival rates. The company has also donated most of the funds needed for a dedicated pediatric ambulance, as well as funding transport infusion smart pumps.

Because of the McLane Company’s passion for kids and belief in Scott & White, pediatric specialists have been able to reach out and care for even more children.

Find more information and discover how you can support the Children’s Hospital at Scott & White.