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A note from the CEO

At McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White, our philosophy has always been to care for children and their families in a family-centered environment. We believe that involving the family in the planning of care of the patient, as well as taking care of family members during the child’s stay at the hospital, is an important part of each patient’s treatment. This is the essence of a family-centered approach to care.

At McLane Children’s, you can see that each and every square inch of our center is designed with your child in mind, as well as the needs of the family. When a child is sick, the whole family is sick. That’s why caring for children in a pediatric-focused, family-centered environment is so critical.

As one of the smallest communities in America to have its own stand-alone children’s hospital, we hope to give parents a peace of mind, knowing you do not have to drive into a large city to get high-quality, premier children’s healthcare services. That’s part of what family-centered healthcare is all about—providing the right care in the right place so you can focus all your attention on your child recovering.

As we pediatricians always say, children are not just little adults. They have many different needs—special needs that are specific to their age and size. It only makes sense that children do better in a child-focused environment where all the resources are designed specifically for them and devoted to them. That is why we offer McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White.

I invite you into our world of children’s healthcare at McLane Children’s. Please spend some time looking through our website to understand why we take our mission so seriously and why we are so passionate about helping children thrive here.

John L. Boyd III, MD, MBA, CPE, FAAP
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer
McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White