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Empowering Parents

We know that when your child is ill, it affects your entire family. So at McLane Children’s Hospital, we offer a wide selection of services that can make things a little easier for everyone.

We also know it can be scary for a child in the hospital. That's why, we allow parents to visit any time, day or night. We also encourage a parent to stay the night with their child in their room. Let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay here more comfortable.

Choosing the resources that fit your child and family

  • Order a meal without ever leaving your child's side. Parent meals can be ordered through the television in each patient’s room and can be paid for with a debit or charge card through our electronic system. We use a single price for parent meals to simply the process.
  • The Child Life Program incorporates playtime, celebrations, and education to make your child’s hospital visit as normal as possible.
  • Courtesy Wi-Fi service available.
  • Parent tips can help you prepare your child for the hospital.
  • The Bud E. Bear Pre-Operative Education Program helps prepare children for an upcoming day surgery.
  • The Emmi Solutions program, which takes you through your surgery, step by step.
  • The Ronald McDonald House and the Ronald McDonald Family Room give you the opportunity to stay close by while your child receives treatment.
  • Chaplains are on call around the clock to provide spiritual comfort and support.
  • Our Family Resource Center has computers and the Internet available when you need to research a particular health topic. We even have a librarian that can help you.
  • Education specialists and a resident teacher can help keep your child from falling behind at school.
  • Financial Services can answer your questions about insurance claims and medical bills.
  • Support groups for specific diseases and conditions can help your family deepen their understanding.
  • Staff social workers can help you locate other resources you may need.
  • Parents can sign up for Text Message Appointment Reminders to help keep track of all their children's clinic appointments.

If you need information or help for an area not listed here, just ask. We are here to help.