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We keep your child’s care connected

Children under the care of a pediatrician, family medicine doctor or pediatric specialist at the Children’s Hospital at Scott & White benefit from the healthcare system’s electronic medical records (EMR) system.

EMR is a secure communications tool that documents patients’ medical histories, including a chronology of lab tests, office visits, and other diagnostic and treatment therapies. EMR is a resource that helps both caregivers and parents because it helps reduce duplicate tests and healthcare costs. It also increases patient safety.

Parents can feel good knowing that pediatric experts have a comprehensive record of each child they treat. That record follows a child through adulthood as he transitions to other healthcare providers within the Scott & White Healthcare system.

Next year, an expansion of the Scott & White EMR system will be complete and will help patients and families even more. It will be up and running in all primary care and specialty clinics, making it easier for doctors to input orders and review patients’ laboratory results from different health system locations. Patients and families will benefit from electronic prescribing capabilities to participating pharmacies, a bilingual medical library in English and Spanish and more.

Ask your pediatrician for more information about your child’s EMR.